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Qigong (energy cultivation) is based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, which taps into the rich storehouse of natural wisdom within our bodies. As an energy-based practice, Qigong describes health in terms of balance of energy flow. Disruptions in the energy of the body occur throughout our lifetime as a result of poor diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle, injuries, surgery, and aging. When a person is healthy, Qi flows smoothly throughout the body.

The goal of Qigong is to restore and replenish our reservoir of health, and bring back strength, flexibility, balance, calmness and glow. It’s important to pay attention to our bodies and focus on movements that are healing rather than harmful. It can be good to challenge ourselves, but we need to find a place where our bodies are both feeling alive and also at peace, while nourishing where we are at in life. 

Qigong is a full practice with techniques that you will be able to use the rest of your life for ongoing rejuvenation and relaxation.  It is a simple yet profound practice that can be used alone as a daily routine or as an add-on to your current exercise. Qigong can help you be your own best healer to simply “Feel Good” as you approach your wisest years.

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