Published 05/13/2019

I actually love AARP publication.  Wow I feel so much better admitting to this. I’ve been getting the publication for about 5 years. I never wanted to tell anyone I get it, because it’s admitting that I’m old. I have crossed over into new territory, and I’m not sure what that will be like.

What does AARP mean anyway-American Adults Resting Peacefully? I’m standing with my shower cap on ready to go into the shower. For some reason I’m feeling inspired to write about aging.  I always have my computer with me as I listen to inspirational talks, etc. Anyway as I stand here typing with my shower cap on, naked, I glance in the mirror. OMG what happened to my body. I have slowly watched it age, but now I just can’t look. I start to feel sad for time gone by. My husband and I are married 30 years, he retired, life is different.  I put on my Spotify to listen to Dan Fogelberg. It brings me back to when Steven and I first starting dating. He made me a CD with Dan’s music. As I think of those younger years we were softer. Now I feel we have some rough edges from all the wear and tear of being so busy and raising our family.  The youth is gone, to much life took over and got into our blood and bones. We become rigid. So listening to Dan brings me back to that time that youth brings. Can we get it back again, that feeling of innocence, lots of energy, no judgments, no expectations, just pure joy even if your life isn’t going the way you want it to?

So here I am looking at myself at age 63. How do I find that softness, that newness of life, excitement, a flexible and strong body?


Here in my bathroom, naked, I start my journey to aging.