How to fall in love with Self Care

Published 10/11/2019

Health care is one of the most focused issue in the political arena right now.  Self-care should be the number one issue for all of us, especially as we age. When we reach the age of 50 the sins of our past begin to show up. If we lived a life thinking there was no tomorrow, then likely the tomorrow is here, but with pain or poor health.

The beauty of being young is we don't need to worry about our health because our bodies can bounce back easily from burning the candle at both ends. Our youth gives us energy to cultivate  our careers, families, etc., but there is a price to pay for not recognizing the need to take breaks and regroup especially from stress. 

Qigong focuses on the principle of living with natures laws, the five seasons of our life. During the early summer and late summer years which is 9 to 58 yrs old, our bodies are working at its optimal levels, but once we hit the Fall Season, nature law starts to slow down, giving pause to start letting go of what does not serve us, as it did in our younger years. Which means if we don't change up our lifestyles from before, the body rejects and breaks down. The caution here is for us to accept the change and make adjustments to our body, mind and spirit. It's not how much we exercise but living a life in motion that supports and restores what we have left and what we have damaged over our younger years.

Hence lots of us downsize our homes, retire from our careers, loose our spouse either from death or divorce, etc. It's a time to fall away let go and open to a new way to take care of ourselves. If we don't then we spend the next 20 years or so going to doctors. We then become too afraid to die or not strong enough to live. Basically we become zombies. Not a pretty picture. So the question becomes do you want to be a warning or an example? My students ask me all the time, how do I start self care? I think it just takes a deep awareness in understanding what is happening and the best way to do that is learn how to meditate and of course learn Qigong. It is a simple yet profound practice for  self care and a road map to health.