Simple Presence

Published 11/10/2019

I've written a lot about the movement of Qigong, but the stillness is just as important. If we allow pauses between the movement of the body it gives us time to experience the aliveness. People will often say to me that they are not feeling well to move, but if you are breathing you are moving. Your lungs , heart, blood flow has to be moving if your alive. It takes energy to breathe, and it takes energy to be still. In the stillness so much can be heard, so much can bubble up to bring clarity. What are the ways you pause to meet the aliveness in your body and mind? Simply by standing still for a moment just taking a long deep breath will automatically take you to that pause. If you do that often enough in your day you will notice a moment in time that brings you to complete awareness. When you do this notice when you get still, letting your awareness open wide to your direct experience. 

In my teaching qigong I always give a pause to each posture so my students can have a minute to pause. It might be the only time they take out of their day to pause. The more you practice this technique you will start to notice your breath gets deeper, your more in tune with your body and your surroundings. As we start to approach winter in about 1 month this is the season of water where we will focus more on meditation techniques. So this little pause you start now will help prepare for the next season of winter. 

Here is a affirmation to keep in mind:

"I am holding space for slowing down, feeling and opening to the wisdom that is right here. I am grateful for the daily opportunities life offers to pause and allow my attention to drop inside. I take deep slow breaths and let go. I am able with trust to go with the flow, and then I am free.