The Fountain of Youth

Published 09/17/2019

Qigong is all about balance, the yin and yang and how to live with natures laws. What I have found so profound about this ancient Chinese practice is it's beauty in it's simplicity. Qi means energy and Gong means cultivation. Energy is all around us and without it, life would not survive. We can't see it but we can certainly feel it. Its about understanding how energy moves through form. Nature is a sophisticated system, and when we sync ourselves with natures rhythms we can live in harmony with life and the world around us. 

A good example would be the analogy of a tree. Tree is form. If you look at a tree there's the branches, the leaves and fruit. The trunk, roots, leaves and fruit are in a constant state of change, but the unchanging nature and true power of the tree is found in the roots. The easiest for the eye to see is the fruit, leaves and branches. It's necessary to happen, but if thats all you can see with the visible eye, the form, then you will never experience the deeper truth of how that tree thrives. We as humans are dominated by what we can only see. Natures truth which is constant, understands the root power, like a tree. The root power expresses itself seasonally. As we learn how to live in harmony with the seasons and flow with the changes each season brings we can uncover the Fountain of Youth. 

In my upcoming blogs, I will be explaining each season and uncovering the magic of each.