The importance of a home practice

Published 11/02/2019

Today most people approaching retirement can expect to live another 20-30 years, but how do you want to live those years? We spend our entire life making plans for our future. If your lucky enough to make it to retirement, then your future is here. All of your hard work and plans brought you to this moment. What I have found with myself and other people my age (64) is we are happy we have made it till now, but there is a feeling of loss. Loss of our youth, loss of maybe our health, loss of our identity from our careers, maybe loss of a spouse either from divorce or death, being an empty nester. It seems there are lots of concrete plans when we are young, but not so much when we age. I have found practicing and studying Qigong has given me a new plan to follow. It's not how long we live, but how well we live. This is the time in our life when it is essential to self care and take responsibility on a daily basis to how we spend our time. Going to the gym or any type of studio is wonderful because it brings us to a community, but it's also important to practice at home. You don't need a lot of space to practice Qigong. Actually it's best to practice outside so we can be intimately connected to nature. You don't need any equipment to practice Qigong. So Qigong is the perfect protocol to do on your own everyday even for just 15 minutes a day. 

To get started look around your home and dedicate a space where you can go to on a daily basis to practice. It should be an area you feel comfortable in. Keep it clear of most things. A chair that you can sit on would be good to have near by, but one that is supportive and firm. The chair can help with support just in case you need it. Also the chair is a great way to sit in meditation. The area should also be in a low traffic area with little disturbances. Create your own vibe in it so you will go to it often. You want to love the space. Once you have set it up go into that space often during the day. You don't even have to start your practice yet, but the more you visit the self care space you will be surprised it will start calling you in.