Your Internal Thermastat

Published 10/04/2019

When we sync ourselves with natures rhythms, we can feel more in harmony with life and the world around us. The circle of the seasons has so much to teach us. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses 5 seasons, not 4 seasons. They are: Spring, early summer, late summer, fall and winter. Each season effects the body differently and our bodies immune system has to adjust. Fall is a big adjustment going from late summer (heat) to Fall (cool). The damp and cold enters our bodies thru the skin and effects the lungs and large intestines. Our lungs, and large intestines are the two main organs effected from pathogens entering our skin and causing colds, flu, pneumonia, etc. The damp cold comes thru the skin and the bodies immune system has to kick in. This is similar to the AC/heat thermostat. As we age our bodies ability to close the doors and windows slows down and becomes weaker. So in order to protect ourselves we need to bring up our internal body thermostat, and bring circulation to the skin so the pathogens or viruses don't invade our body. 

The quickest way to bring circulation to our body is to simply shake. By shaking the entire body you will notice your hands turn pink and your feet become warm. This is an indication that your body is circulating and getting warmer. Another easy tool to use is tapping our Lung and Large Intestine meridian points. The meridians for the lungs start at the clavicle bone and runs down the inside of the arm to the thumb. The Large Intestine meridian starts at the pointer finger and runs up the outside of the arm. By tapping down and up the arm 3 times on each side and then tapping at the center of your chest, which is your thymus gland. 

Your Fall RX: Shake and tap everyday to keep those pathogens away.