Debbie is a clear & effective communicator

Deborah has always ranked among my top program facilitators starting with the yoga classes she offered in Pennsylvania many moons ago and now extending into her Qigong programs online. She is a clear and effective communicator and a practical practitioner who is well trained and educated on the subject matter, and generous in sharing her expertise and knowledge so that class participants are aware of maximum health benefits ~ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Deborah is a lovely person and her programming is highly reflective of her depth of understanding, sincerity and loveliness. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in Deborah's classes once again via online programming which I have found are in no way diminished by the isolation brought upon us by the pandemic and in fact, have helped to create community...virtually. BRAVO

Tahya - Allentown, PA (

Instrumental during Covid times

The thoroughness and delightfulness of Debbie's teaching style inspires me to incorporate more of Qigong into my daily practices. Some of the movements have been instrumental in helping me through the isolation during the Covid times and in moving my lymphatics. Debbie's teaching style is very user-friendly and accessible for everyone at any stage of their wellness path or spiritual direction. I would highly recommend Debbie.

Paula - New Windsor, NY

Transform to a tranquil place inside yourself

I have had the pleasure of taking Qigong classes with Deb. Each time I experience one of her classes I find deeper peace, relaxation and a sense of inner self. Deb has an incredibly kind heart and spirit that transforms you to a safe and tranquil place inside yourself.

Kate - Narragansett, RI

Deb classes are easy to follow

Debbie is a wonderful teacher, very attuned to her students. Her gifts are presence and connection, and I am a grateful recipient as a participant via Zoom as well as live in the old days. Her classes are really easy to follow, and she is a wealth of knowledge which she generously shares with those who are interested in a deeper understanding of their practice. Any session with Debbie is bound to bring a lasting sense of peace and light to your day.

Pam Z - Fleetwood, PA


Deb's classes are relatable to our age group over 50 

I found out about Debbie's Feel Good Qigong Online Studio through a friend during the pandemic, when online was the only option for group exercise. I also was searching for a new wellness practice and had always been curious about Qigong. I sure found the perfect teacher and introduction to Qigong!

Debbie is a wonderful, personable leader, who gives concise information and makes Qigong relatable to our age and season of life. She connects individually as well and takes time for questions, clarifications and feedback. Even though it's a Zoom room format, I feel like I am part of a group that's learning together. It's not like a "drop-in" yoga class, but rather a guided practice. It's as if we're part of Debbie's daily routine but she takes us through the Qigong philosophy and reasoning for the movements she's demonstrating.

I'm looking forward to learning more from Debbie's authentic approach to Qigong!

~ Louisa - Richmond, Virginia ~